Audio Loudspeakers

Ferrotec’s Ferrofluid enables audio speakers to function more efficiently, with improved audio response and better power handling. For audio speaker manufacturers, Ferrotec ferrofluid also provides significantly better speaker manufacturability for improved quality and higher manufacturing yields.

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Domain Detection

Ferrotec’s EMG series ferrofluids are extensively used for the study of magnetic domain structures in magnetic tapes, rigid and floppy disks, magneto-optical disks, crystalline and amorphous alloys, garnets, steels and geological rocks.

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Ferrotec’s EMG series magnetic nanoparticles may be incorporated into polymer microspheres (which are coated with antibodies and/or therapeutic/chemotherapy drugs), injected into tissues and then drawn to the site of a lesion using a strong magnetic field. They may also be used alone, as a medium for site-specific thermal ablation of malignant or necrotic tissue.

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Sensors, Switches and Solenoids

Ferrotec’s EMG series ferrofluids can be used to improve performance in applications that include inclinometers, accelerometers and flow meters, tilt, vibration, pressure and level sensors, and various switches.

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Ferrotec’s EFH Series Educational Ferrofluids are specifically designed for use in classrooms, schools and museums. EFH Series ferrofluids feature magnetic properties that make it easier to visualize the magnetic patterns and provide an instructional, engaging experience.

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Ferrofluid for Seals

Ferrotec manufacturers all of the premium ferrofluids used in our industry-leading vacuum rotary feedthroughs and seals. These ferrofluids are not available for sale.

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