Optimized for the the Most Intense Performance Requirements

As the industry leader in Ferrofluidic® seals and vacuum rotary feedthroughs, Ferrotec is widely recognized for quality and performance of the ferrofluid that we use in our seals. With over thirty years of experience producing seals for the world’s most demanding applications, we have been able to optimize our ferrofluid products for the the most intense performance requirements.

Because we produce our own ferrofluid, Ferrotec Ferrofluidic products can be optimized to the unique demands of target applications. This enables Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic solutions to outperform competitive products in the most demanding, high-precision applications.

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The Ferrofluid That We Use in Our Ferrofluidic Seals is not Available for Purchase as a Stand-alone Product

Because we carefully engineer our Ferrofluidic seals to meet the unique performance requirements of your target application, Ferrotec does not sell the ferrofluid that we use in our seals. If you are looking for the precision, performance and reliability associated with a Ferrotec Ferrofluidic seal, you need to purchase a Genuine Ferrotec Ferrofluidic seal.

Sometimes customers will ask us if they can purchase the ferrofluid that we use our vacuum feedthrough products. Typically, these customers hope to use our ferrofluid to repair an old seal or upgrade an underperforming solution. If you are trying to repair or upgrade an existing seal, consider our seal repair service.

Ferrofluidic Seal Repairs, Upgrades, and Exchange Services

Ferrotec can repair, upgrade or exchange your existing seal with a premium Ferrofluidic product using Ferrotec’s ferrofluid that is optimized for Ferrofluidic seals.

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For questions about specific ferrofluid series, ferrofluid applications, or to place an order, contact your Ferrotec ferrofluid solutions representative or use the Ferrofluid Inquiry Form.

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