For More Efficient Audio Speakers

As the global leader in ferrofluid products, Ferrotec has been supplying ferrofluid to audio speaker manufacturers since the early 1970s. Ferrotec’s APG Series audio ferrofluid enables audio speakers to function more efficiently, with improved audio response and better power handling. For audio speaker manufacturers, Ferrotec ferrofluid also provides significantly better speaker manufacturability for improved quality and higher manufacturing yields.

Audio ferrofluids are based on two classes of carrier liquid: synthetic hydrocarbons and esters. Both oils possess very low volatility and high thermal stability. The choice of fluid is dictated by the environmental considerations of the application (e.g. humidity, adhesives, contact with water, solvent vapors and reactive gases) combined with the best balance of magnetization and viscosity values to optimize the acoustical performance.

Ferrotec’s highly refined manufacturing process, combined with a long term quality assurance program is the key to its repeatable, reproducible product quality. Our ferrofluid manufacturing facility in Japan is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

By varying the quantity of magnetic material in a ferrofluid, and by using different carrier liquids, it can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. The saturation magnetization (the maximum value of the magnetic moment per unit volume when all the domains are aligned) is determined by the nature of the suspended magnetic material and by the volumetric loading of the material. The physical and chemical properties such as density and viscosity correspond closely to those of the carrier liquid.

Audio Retrofit Kits

Ferrotec also offers Audio Retrofit Kits for loudspeaker reconditioning and retrofitting. These kits come with pre-measured packets of ferrofluid which are used to replace the old fluid in speaker air gaps when replacing diaphragm and coil assemblies. Many speaker manufacturers offer these kits with their diaphragm and coil replacement assemblies. To learn more, please contact your Ferrotec ferrofluid distributor.