Ferrofluid for Domain Detection and Bio-medical Applications

Ferrotec’s water-based EMG Series ferrofluids are most often used for domain detection and bio-medical applications, and we offer an extended family of ferrofluid options with unique magnetic and particle properties to meet a broad range of requirements.

Domain Detection

Ferrotec’s water-based EMG series ferrofluids are extensively used for the study of magnetic domain structures in magnetic tapes, rigid and floppy disks, magneto-optical disks, crystalline and amorphous alloys, garnets, steels and geological rocks.

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Bio-medical Applications

Ferrotec’s water-based EMG series magnetic nanoparticles may be incorporated into polymer microspheres (which are coated with antibodies and/or therapeutic/chemotherapy drugs), injected into tissues and then drawn to the site of a lesion using a strong magnetic field. They may also be used alone, as a medium for site-specific thermal ablation of malignant or necrotic tissue.

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Water-based EMG Series

Carrier Liquid: DI water
Appearance: black-brown low viscosity liquid

Ferrofluid TypeGauss [CGS]mT [SI]cP [CGS]mPa-s [SI]
EMG 30427527.5<5<5
EMG 308666.622
EMG 408666.622
EMG 50711011<5<5
EMG 508666.6<5<5
EMG 509333.3<5<5
EMG 60522022<5<5
EMG 60711011<5<5
EMG 70032532.5<5<5
EMG 70522022<5<5
EMG 70711011<5<5
EMG 708666.6<5<5
EMG 8052202233
EMG 80711011<5<5

Note: There is a tendency for magnetic particles to form aggregates in water-based ferrofluids. For best results, use within three months of purchase.

Ferrotec EMG Series Water-based Ferrofluids Safety Information

For information about material handling, download the material safety pdf for the EMG Series products

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