Ferrotec’s APG 1100 Series Audio Ferrofluid

Ferrotec’s APG 1100 Series ferrofluids are suitable for heat transfer and damping in moderate to high temperature environments. Although the fluids can withstand temperature transients of up to 200°C, to ensure long term reliability, operation above 125°C for extended periods should be minimized. APG 1100 series ferrofluids are durable under high humidity and in contact with water.

Carrier Liquid: synthetic hydrocarbon
Appearance: black-brown or red-brown viscous fluid

Ferrofluid TypeGauss [CGS]mT [SI]cP [CGS]mPa-s [SI]
APG 111011011100100
APG 111211011200200
APG 111411011500500
APG 11151101110001000
APG 11161101115001500
APG 11171101120002000
APG 1117.31101130003000
APG 11201101140004000
APG 112116516.5200200
APG 113222022200200
APG 113322022500500
APG 11342202210001000
APG 11352202215001500
APG 11362202220002000
APG 1136.32202230003000
APG 11402202240004000
APG 11412202250005000

Ferrotec APG 1100 Series Audio Ferrofluid Safety Information

For information about material handling, download the material safety pdf for the APG 1100 Series family of products. 

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