Ferrotec’s APG S Series Audio Ferrofluid

Ferrotec’s APG S-Series ferrofluids are based on the same chemistry as the “O” Series ferrofluids and thus their properties are similar. When an “O” fluid is tailored to meet specific requirements of a driver by altering its magnetization and viscosity values, it is called an “S” type ferrofluid. The “S” ferrofluids cover a broad range of applications because of their customized nature.

Carrier Liquid: synthetic ester
Appearance: black-brown or red-brown viscous fluid

Ferrofluid TypeGauss [CGS]mT [SI]cP [CGS]mPa-s [SI]
APG S10N44044300300
APG S11N220228585
APG S12N412.541.3250250
APG S1416516.5200200
APG S15N16516.58080
APG S16N27527.5400400
APG S17N110115555
APG S1838538.5375375
APG S2122022500500
APG S3222022250250
APG S38N22022135135
APG S5138538.5500500

Ferrotec APG S Audio Ferrofluid Series Safety Information

For information about material handling, download the material safety pdf for the APG S Series family of products. 

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