For Applications Requiring Oil-based, Low Viscosity Ferrofluids

Ferrotec’s oil-based EMG Series ferrofluids are most typically used for applications requiring low viscosity ferrofluids, similar to that of water, but do not tolerate water-based ferrofluid. Ferrotec’s oil-based EMG series ferrofluids are usually based on light hydrocarbon carrier oils that have higher volatility than our APG type fluids but viscosities closer to that of water. We offer a family of oil-based EMG ferrofluid options with unique magnetic and particle properties to meet a broad range of requirements.

Domain Detection

Like Ferrotec’s water-based EMG series, oil-based EMG series ferrofluids can also used for the study of magnetic domain structures.

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Sensors, Switches and Solenoids

Ferrotec’s oil-based EMG series ferrofluids can be used to improve performance in applications that include inclinometers, accelerometers and flow meters, tilt, vibration, pressure and level sensors, and various switches.

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Bio-medical Applications

Biomedical Applications Ferrotec’s oil-based EMG series ferrofluids are occasionally used in some in-vitro biological experimentation.

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Carrier Liquid: Light Hydrocarbon Oil
Appearance: black-brown low viscosity fluid

Ferrofluid Type Gauss [CGS] mT [SI] cP [CGS] mPa-s [SI]
EMG 900 990 99 60 60
EMG 901 660 66 <10 <10
EMG 905 440 44 <5 <5
EMG 909 220 22 <5 <5
EMG 911 110 11 <5 <5

Ferrotec EMG Series Oil-based Ferrofluids Safety Information

For information about material handling, download the material safety pdf for the EMG Series Oil-based family of products.

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