Dry Iron Oxide Particles Coated with Specific Surfactants to Facilitate Suspension in a Variety of Solvents

Ferrotec’s EMG Series Dry Magnetic Nanoparticles are dry iron oxide particles coated with specific surfactants to facilitate suspension in a variety of solvents for customized use by individual research laboratories. These particles have a nominal diameter of 10 nm, are single domain and are true superparamagnetic particles with an initial magnetic susceptibility of 0.2. They exhibit no hysteresis. The core material of these particles is principally magnetite (Fe3O4). They are typically compatible with living tissue, although Ferrotec does not possess FDA approval for in-vivo applications. They exhibit solubility with the indicated solvents, and can be dispersed by simple mixing, perhaps with the addition of heating or ultrasonic vibration.

Carrier Liquid: none
Appearance: Black powder

Ferrofluid Type Type of Surfactant
EMG 1200 Fatty Acid
EMG 1300M Polymer
EMG 1400 Hydrophobic
EMG 1500 Polar